What We Do

You will be treated as a whole person when you work with us at Healthy Beginnings. Finding time to exercise and eat healthy while balancing your everyday life (family, work, etc.) can be a challenge. We will work with you to create customized exercise programs that meet the needs of your busy life.  We are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Trial Workout

Unsure about training? Afraid of the commitment? Try a free trial workout on me. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.



Programs that require minimal space and equipment


Programs to offer wide variety workout and equipment


Programs that require minimal equipment such as bootcamps

Training modalities include: cardiorespiratory; balance and coordination; endurance; strength; agility and speed; core and stabilization; and power.


Other Services


Fitness assessments

Body composition, flexibility, strength, endurance. Why do we do this? We want to treat you as a whole person. Sometimes the scale alone does not give the full story. Fitness assessments will help show where you are improving even when you might not notice the difference in the mirror.



Food is fuel for your body. Discuss what foods provide the best fuel for your body.


Pantry Reviews

Review of home and/or shopping list to maximize choices and variety of foods.