3 Day Refresh – Third Time the Charm?

I have completed another round of the 3 Day Refresh.  It is a 3 day reset.  You eat vegetables and fruit along with nutrition supplementation.  This is the third time that I have done the program.  This first two times it was real easy.  Was never hungry; no emotions; no nothing.

This time was an adventure.  I use this program to reset my mind and intention.  After vacation, SCW Mania, Beachbody Summit, Super Saturday and more, I had gone six weeks at full tilt. I was eating well but not as good as I like. I ate out more than usual due to all the travel.  Even at the healthiest restaurant you will end up with more fat, salt and sugar than you do at home (or at least in my house).  I had all my foods prepared.  I made sure that there was nothing on my calendar so I could be around my home.  I thought I was well prepared.  What I was not prepared for was that for the first time I felt hungry between meals.  I felt like crying.  Reduction of calories can bring about a change in your emotions.  However, this has never happened to me before.

Now that it is over, I feel great.  This totally smashed my craving for sweets.  That is a good thing.  I did lose 2.2 pounds during this 3 day experience.  Even though I am in the midst of trying to lose a few pounds, getting my mind right and resetting my intentions was my goal. I will go the reset again in January after my birthday.  Have you tried the 3 Day Refresh?


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